Changing our world means creative use of business intelligence & resource commitment.  At BCW there is a strong culture of leadership & social responsibility.  My team & I believe that we can help strengthen individuals, families, and communities. 


Go to Imagine BCW and get involved.  Our business solutions drive evolution in the marketplace and help companies compete well in diverse and turbulent environments. is a start.

bkb journey

Life x12.

Transformation happens, sometimes, when we aren't expecting it.  My journey has been one of gifts, challenges, opportunity, and ability to help change things in this turbulent world.

LIFE X12 is my transformation program that gives me a chance to professionally help those who struggle with finding balance and joy in their lives.  Individual & Group online counseling is available too.  It's a perfect, contemporary way to connect and solve.  Set YOUR vision ...


Hug me.

Some years ago, I took my journal notes and blended my experience as a father to a great son into a book for those who struggle with things in life.  "Hug me, My daddy's not a drug addict", is a self-help book, and it's only $12.

My next book, being released in July 2015 is about self-esteem building.  It's call "Unread Deleted". 

Look for it then....yes, you can DO IT.



Time to get busy in this world. I'm a father, author, environmentalist, entrepreneur, and a believer that creativity drives change.  We need to start caring more about each other, practice decency, and clean up our world.  It's getting crazy out there.

This is where I learned many of the important lessons.  I listen to the young and take care of the old.  It's our responsibility. 

Take care of it.


BCW is the engine that drives my business goals.  My team is dedicated, connected, and aware.  Our footprint is real and our commitment to changing the environment with business innovation sets us apart from the rest of the talkers.

We do.  Care to join us in some real change?  Our vision is to give our next generations the gift we were given: a clean, decent world.