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Addiction - Mental Health - DUI - Court Cases - DCFS cases - DV - Probation/Parole

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My credentials - MBA.  A long-time California State Board Certified Masters-level Counselor.  A programs and operations executive with a long history of non-profit management experience in the health & human services industry.  Founder of Synthesis & LIFE X12, CEO of BCW, Inc., a former Executive at The Midnight Mission, . Click on the CV button for more.

synthesis & Life x12

We use a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for confidential & convenient ONLINE COUNSELING. Check our calendar for available times.  It's easy to enroll, simple to pay, and worth the investment. Individual & group counseling is our expertise.  JOIN TODAY....


We're getting together monthly for different adventures.  Look for the LIFE X12 Meetup group soon.  


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Each client can benefit from our technology and use our eCoaching and online Recovery in their daily lives.  Look below for added features:

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Using a Synthesis Model for Change developed in my private practice, clients are encouraged and taught how to apply a performance base to their treatment/care plan.  I have finally developed metrics for "success".

As the creator of the first Quality of Life Yardstick (QOLY) for this industry, I have helped diverse programs shift the focus from traditional clinical care to an innovative Healthy Living approach with realistic domains, measurable outcomes, and greater social impact.